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EU Code Week December 2017

For the very first time this year I had the chance to be part of Code Week Europe. EU Code Week is an initiative that started back in 2013 and its mission is to bring people from different social and age groups together and share knowledge and experience through Computer Science in general.

During December 2017, Anisa, Redon, Andis and myself traveled to Burrel in order to hold a workshop for the kids of three different primary schools there. All four of us come from a FLOSS community based in Tirana, Open Labs Hackerspace. Burrel is a remote and rural area which means that that the impact that our presence had there was huge. We stayed in the city for about tree days.

The total number of students attending our workshop was about to 65,almost 20 kids per day. During all three days we used to start with a general presentation of the Wikimedia projects. We explained to the kids the difference between each project and how to contribute to each of them. After the presentations, we started created accounts.

Before we arrive there we had already prepared a list of articles that needed improvement or articles to create during those days on Wikipedia. All articles were related to the city of Burrel and the natural monuments of the region around Burrel. Along with the articles, the kids learned how to add references and links and realized how important is to have trusted sources for our articles. Also, we took some pictures of the city that were uploaded afterwards on Commons.

The second part of the workshop included a mapathon on the OpenStreetMap platform. Again, the kids were introduced the the OSM project and its community. They created their own accounts and started their first contributions on OSM.

Code Week was a different experience than others that I had been part before. It made me realize that sharing your knowledge and experience with others that don’t have the same access to knowledge as you do, can change some peoples’ lives…. Looking forward to more edit-a-thons like this one.

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Wiki Weekend Tirana 2017

During the second weekend of December I had the chance to be part of Wiki Weekend Tirana 2017. It was the second time I was able to join the event. Last year I was just an attendee, while this year I had a talk about all the Wikimedia projects.

Wiki Weekend Tirana is an event which is being organized for four years in a row and brings together old Wikimedians and new contributors. This year, the event was organized by some of the members of the newest Wikimedia User Group in Albania. Venue of Wiki Weekend was Open Labs Hackerspace. Open Labs is a local FLOSS community in the country. Open Labs hosts many Open Source projects, including Wikimedia.

The focus of my talk was not only one particular Wikimedia sub-project, but an overview of all of them. I shared with the participants info about these sub-projects and revealed how to contribute and be part of the communities. To my surprise most of the participants knew only the Wikipedia project.

During the 2-days event more than 200 new articles were created on the SQ Wikipedia. Also, all the pictures that were taken during the event were uploaded later on Commons. Looking forward to more events that newest User Group in Albania will organize. 😄

All pictures on this post are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

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